Gerenal Information Peru

travel agency cuscoGeography: This crossed of south to north for the mountain range of the Andes, this you confer him a rich variety of climates and ecosystems. Peru this inside the 7 countries of bigger diversity of the planet at the position 3ra. ,84 of the 107 zones of life that exist in the planet can meet. The country is home of over 400 sorts of mammals, 300 reptiles, 1700 birds and over 50.000 plants.

Area: 1´285,215 square kilometers, he is the third one in extension in Southern America and you find inside 20 nations but grandes.Perú also holds 200 miles in the Pacific Ocean and you have territorial rights of 60 million hectares in the Antarctic.

Population: Total 25.662.000

Urban; 72 %

Rural: 28 %

Peru has been the point of meeting of different nations and cultures. The native people of the coast and the Andean joined up 500 years ago after the Spanish invasion, next enriched the culture African Asiatic and European. The Peruvian man emerge like a representative of a nation whose ethnic riches and racial mixture you constitute your principal characteristic. 

Idiom, As Part Of your rich cultural tradition, Peru has a lot of tongues. Although Spanish is the most spoken at the whole territory, the Quechua is the Inca Empire's legacy and he is still spoken in a lot of parts of the country principally the Andes. The Amazon has 38 different tongues

tour operator cuscoSpanish; 80 %

Quechua 16 %

Another one Leagues, 3 %

Foreign tongues 0.2 %

You should stand out like curiosity than 3 % of others leagues are to be credited to the 38 different tongues in the main that 200 variants exist in the amazonia.con over and to the Aymara once Puno was talked with in the limit.

You have written to each other on the Aymara that it is a very ancient tongue mathematically perfect with it he wants to pop that it is very logical, it has been used by the NASA to send messages to the universe. And you have also found uses for your peculiar characteristic of not distorting the sense of the translations, which is why the bridge in high-quality translations can be used like idiom. The founder of the Inca Empire was the mother tongue of Manco Capac and at present he is the idiom but diffuse at the high plateau between Peru Bolivia and Chile with a nation that surpasses the million inhabitants.

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