Choquequirao 5Days / 4Nights

The archeological monument of Choquequirao was an Inca City which has scattered sectors with diverse functions, linked by footpaths to the main square.  The main square has different constructions, 2 living levels and a ceremonial character.  The remains of the monument indicate that the city was suddenly abandoned. You can see temples of the sun and of the earth, actual Inca residences, sleeping rooms for Mitimaes and residences for farmers.  On the trek you will also see one of the deepest canyons of the world: The valley of the Apurimac river.


Day 01:

Choquequirao At 5.30 you will be picked up from your hotel and take a bus trip to the village of Cachora .  This trip of 4 hours will be the start of the big adventure.  We will arrive at Cachora at approximately 11 a .m. and there we will prepare ourselves for the hike by putting our backpacks and all equipment on the mules.

After that, we will walk for approximately 6 hours, enjoying a nice lunch at a site called Capulioc. Then we will hike to the bridge Rosalinas over the Apurimac River , which is situated 1,500 meters above sea level. This is where we will camp for our first night.

Day 02

Choquequirao We will leave Rosalinas for the next camp site named Sunchupata. During the hike we can observe a change of vegetation and climate. We will walk up to 2900 meters above sea level.  In Maranpata we will have lunch and then continue the hike until we reach Sunchupata.



Day 03

Starting from the camp site of Sunchupata we will walk towards Choquekiraw. We will have the whole day to visit the archeological ruins. Afterwards we will go back to the beautiful campsite of Sunchupata where we will have camp for the second time.

Day 04

ChoquequiraoWe will hike back from Sunchupata to the bridge of Rosalina. At this route we will see a site where a brandy called 'Cambray' (chicha de caña) is produced from cane sugar. We will have lunch here and stay the night in Puente Rosalina.

Day 05

We will walk from Puente Rosalinas to Cachora, then take a bus back to Cusco .


  • A pad per person.
  • Dining tent with chairs and tables.
  • Cooking tent.
  • Restroon tent (Just the places that do not have restroons)
  • Professional tour guide, fluent EN – ES. 2 guides for groups over 8 people.
  • Cook
  • Horses and porters.
    • 1 horse in case of emergencies(every 6 people).
  • Food and tea (except for final day)
  • First aid kit, including oxygen bottle.
  • Transportation from Cachora to Cusco.

Adults: $240